Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012/365 - Day 169

slow progress is still progress

I am most of the way through yesterday's projects.  I still need to get wood mounts for the carved rubber stamps.  At the time of this writing I am at 43 out of 100 MDF blocks.

 Those edges take time to do!  But if I go downstairs to the basement and turn on some music and do 10 - 15 pieces in each session I should be done tonight.

I have to keep wiping my fingers from the paint getting on my holding/turning the block hand.  I am so trying not to smudge or smear these blocks!  Painting -- gah!

And back at work on the carving of the images for the Art Hunt.

I am pretty happy with the way they are turning out.

Except, that is, for the image I wanted to use for my hidden art with the Art-o-mat machine in the store at the Northville Art House.

I am really not very strong with carving lettering -- no matter what size it is...and these letters are teensy.  I was just not happy with this carving, even though it is only going to be used during the game -- the lettering really bugged me.

After trying it three different times I had had enough and I decided to go instead with the three diamonds that Clark uses sometimes...middle row on the left edge.

These are the completed carved rubber stamps!

And this is how they might look if they were stamped on an art hunter's playing card.

(And if they were in alphabetical order...LOL)

I got ink in three colors, plus black for my stamp.  The cards will look much different on the day of the hunt. for a little rest and a bit of lunch.  After that I have a ton of housework to keep plodding away at.  And laundry.  And I need to finish the MDF block edges.


Leann said...

Beautiful carving, Took!

Took said...

Thanks, Leann!

Karen said...

Love your prints- they turned out wonderful

coastalcutie2000 said...

You really have a talent for carving stamps! Makes me want to try my hand at it... yeah, that will be bad!!

Yours are terrific!

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