Friday, December 4, 2015

December 4, 2015 -- sheesh, this blog is a bit of a mess now

When I stopped posting to the blog daily, things really fell by the wayside.  Then when I started back up it was hit or miss and then a countdown to my solo show and now I don't know how I want to finish out the year with the blog.  I am obviously not posting daily, so there is no real consistency.  Ah well...for now.

This afternoon I placed a couple of orders for replacement supplies since my show has been extended through the end of January and folks who purchase work in December can pick it up at the end of December and I will need to make more work to fill in the empty spaces.  Wow...what a run on sentence!

Tonight I have been sorting the paper stash into general piles/layers and when the new papers arrive I will sort the general piles down to colors.  In the meantime here is what the process looked like.  I love all of my papers!

the unsorted heap
mixed papers with metallic threads or flakes
tamarind, mango, raintree
Thai marble
mango, banana
mixed assortment of odd papers that caught my eye at various times
mixed assortment of what I call my neutral background papers
another mixed assortment of heavier papers
Unryu -- lots of colors
there -- all generally sorted and stacked again

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